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I’ve seen the quality of the services that Haga Lawn & Landscape, LLC provides to its customers for close to 6 seasons. The Haga’s have provided to me expert landscaping design and lawn care at my residence. In the past I’ve always done my own landscaping and lawn care but upon moving to Maryland and into our new home I asked the Haga’s to mow my lawn while they were mowing my neighbors and they did and welcomed us to Maryland. Since that initial mowing the Haga’s have planted 6 trees and dozens upon dozens of plants, shrubs and created new beds over the past 6 seasons that have lead anyone walking by our home to compliment our yard and the landscaping design. The Haga’s are not a “cut and go” service provider, but a family owned and operated company, whom I consider to be not only my experts in landscape care, design and maintaining my landscape but trusted friends as well. If you want to be the envy of your neighbors- use the Haga’s for your needs.

Jim A.]

Haga Landscaping has changed my mind about doing my own yard work. They are easy to work with, extremely detail oriented, take pride in their work, are reasonably priced and ​don’t waste time. In addition to general maintenance they have installed our fence and maintained our weeping willow trees. I highly recommend them!

Ryan Diener